My apologies to the squeamish --
I got carried away with the celebratory nature of this birthday gift that I did for a friend! I think this is a great example of the crazy ideas that can be put into one of these treasures, and you can trust me to stay within your bounds of 'decency.'
When choices for ‘the gift’ have been narrowed down to a box of chocolates, a monogrammed pen-and-pencil set or yet another knit scarf, it’s time to try something different: a gift that will bring treasured remembrances for years to come.

It takes time to plan a gift such as this -- time spent reflecting on the personality of our subject, the hobbies, the pets, the occasion. You’ll have to plot a little to obtain the necessary photos, too. Both email and digital photography can make this process totally pain-free. All of this caring and energy will become part of the gift, and the recipient will see that this wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment ‘all-purpose’ choice.

First I have to apologize... Many of the caricatures that I am showing you here were originally done in full-color; however, at the time I didn't have the means to color-copy them. So I am showing you images that don't even come close to their original vibrancy. (Except for that one over there at the top left... and I know that caught your attention.. and my tour-de-force at the very end of this page.)

I’ve always kept away from those caricature styles which distort and ridicule. I study the face and my notes and I think about the meaning this picture will have for the recipient. I think about all of the pieces of the story that I’m creating. The amount of detail that I put into each picture is far beyond that found in "party" caricatures, and it is this detail that makes each one so special.

Let’s put your friend on a pedestal- or any place else you want him or her -- with these gentle caricatures, created from your photographs. Place your friend in any locale- your choice! Put him or her in an executive suite, a tropical island, the moon, the boudoir or a battlefield. Create a hero or a klutz, an Olympian or beauty queen, a king or serf- and wait for the reaction!

Include humorous situations, favorite hobbies, possessions, company logos. Boats, pets and vehicles also add a personal touch. These personalizations make treasured remembrances. Just tell me your ideas and together we’ll make it wonderful!

what i’ll need:

  • a clear photograph of the subject(s) with face at least 1-inch high and facing forward as much as possible
  • a list of ‘helpful hints,’ such as:

    • the occasion
    • weight/height
    • handedness -- left or right
    • color hair and eyes and complexion
    • hobbies
    • likes and dislikes
    • pets, vehicles, boat, bike, etc.
    • embarassing/victorious moments
    • the locale for our picture
    • due date and framing/matte instructions
There are several ways to order your caricature. Contact me by email or telephone, or download the order form below. Feel free to give me tons of information -- noting what is really important -- and then trust me to use as much of it as I can to truly personalize your art. I’ll work with you to create a caricature within your budget. Clubs, offices or friends often take up a collection and share the cost of a caricature gift for a peer.

You have a choice of size for your caricature. All caricatures are matted in a neutral-color matte. Dimensions include matte size.
  • 16 x 20-inch full color
  • 12 x 16-inch full color
  • 11 x 14-inch full color or b&w ink
I can also help you arrange to have imprints of your caricature put on postcards, calendars, business cards or coffee mugs. If you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas, please email me or telephone 732-350-7194.

1988 Catalog excerpt
My ad from an occult supply catalog circa 1988!

Four generations captured
for a precious keepsake -- albeit a humorous one.

See how folksy-homey I can be?
Sylvia wanted pictures of herself and her sons -- one for each grandmother -- so I had to do this caricature twice!

Good friends and business partners celebrating
the first anniversary of their most recent venture.

   My Favorite

Mort wanted a special anniversary gift for his parents --
Mom was quite a baker, Dad was a landscaper,
and they had lots of pets!

The one on the right (above) has to be one of my favorites.
Notice that the greyhound is helping out at the barbecue!
The Unholy Quartette

Now these two (above and above right) are ink drawings and never did have color. They can be used for printed stationery and cards -- or used as coloring books to keep your guests occupied -- just hand them out with a few crayons and an alcoholic beverage... or not!

‘Frame’ your friend or relative. Let the whole family or office get into the act.

Group caricatures make great
farewell gifts!

There’s a kind of magic in being able to suspend time and space on a piece of paper. I like that.
I want the subject to know that a lot of love went into the finished art, and that it all started with
the friends who asked me to do it. Many years later people stop to thank me. Some have told me
that they no longer have their beloved with them, but they have that ‘special’ picture that I did of them.
Now that’s a kind of immortality!

Click on the image below to open a down-loadable carix order form.
Feel free to write all over the reverse side of the page if it helps tell me
exactly what you would like to see in our "masterpiece"
or use it as a guide when you email or telephone me.

•  birthday  • Mother’s Day  • anniversary  • Father’s Day  • wedding  • Christmas/Hannukah/Yule  •
•  divorce  • confirmation  • retirement  • bat/bar mitzvah  • bon voyage  • graduation  • engagement •
•  induction  • new baby  • cheer-up  • new job  • initiation  • award  •

Retirement Cruise

Guitar Player Happy Dentist Fisherman Office Karaoke Steam Turbines Grandparents
Each of these early creations was done in full color...

Astrology Plate
Early ad with 1988 pricing....

This dish-washer-safe dinner plate is perfect for dorm life, home, camping, gatherings and pot-lucks. (Those shown here are over 30 years old and still in service!) My full-color interpretation of your sun sign's symbol on a personalized chart (Tropical/ Placidus) cast for the moment and place of your birth, wedding, incorporation or other significant event is sealed into this durable plate. Production costs have risen in the past 20+ years, but my cost to you is still a bargain!

NOTE: If you wish the art in a different style or your name emblazoned on the plate, add these notes to your order form or email.

$30 each, plus $5 shipping/handling.
Plate Order Form

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